LiDAR Services International Launches New LiDAR Blog

LiDAR Services International (LSI), Calgary, Alberta is pleased to announce the launch of the LiDAR Services Blog at The blog will showcase LSI airborne LiDAR operations as well as informative articles.

In the past, LSI announced the opening of their US subsidiary company called LiDAR Services, LLC based in Las Vegas, Nevada  LSI also announced the formation of a new subsidiary company called Gas Recon which offers a new approach to gas leak detection and data management.

LSI plans to post pictures and videos featuring current projects, news, press releases and feature articles such as how LiDAR Surveys Benefit Electric Transmission Vegetation Management.

About LiDAR Services International Inc.:
LiDAR Services International Inc., is a Canadian, Calgary based airborne LiDAR provider that celebrates 12 years of airborne operations in 2014.  LSI owns and operates a number of proprietary airborne LiDAR systems that have been used on projects throughout North America, Central and South America as well as Africa and Asia. What differentiates LiDAR Services International is their single-minded commitment to their client’s project, their unequalled experience, technical expertise, innovation and customized survey solutions. For more information contact Art Silver, LiDAR Services International, 403-517-3130,, or visit

About Gas Recon:
Gas Recon, a subsidiary of LiDAR Services International, specializes in gas leak inspection, mapping and data management having achieved increased effectiveness in field operations with new technology and data services. Their advanced backpack system with embedded computer for collation of data from leak detector, pipe locator, GPS;  rugged handheld Android device for control and navigation; and new  “Ultra-Portable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer” can be mounted in a car, truck, snowmobile, ATV or Backpack.  To learn more about Gas Recon’s Leak Inspection, Mapping and Data Management services please contact Steve Lepp at