June 2015

LiDAR Services International hosted a remote sensing open house at SAIT Polytechnic’s Art Smith Aero Centre in Calgary last week. The event focused on the use of Optionally Piloted and Autonomous aircraft for remote sensing operations. There were more than 75 attendees from industry and academia.

The invited speaker presentations included:

  • Michael Kaiser, Innovage Microsystems – Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) in the World of Aviation
  • Bob Davies, SAIT – SAIT’s Innovation and R&D program, with particular emphasis on the UAV program
  • Dr. Zahra Lari, University of Calgary – New Initiatives in UAV-Based Mobile Mapping Systems
  • Doug Hunter, LiDAR Services International Inc. – Overview of where Optionally Piloted Aircraft fit into Civil ISR Efforts
  • Bob Bierk, Moog Aviation – New Commercial Initiatives at Moog to advance OPAs in Civil and Military Apps

If you would like more information please contact info@lidarservices.ca.